About Us

The Vancouver Lymphatic Clinic is a registered massage therapy clinic dedicated to lifelong learning, evidence-based practice, and a joyful work environment. The clinic is in a new building in the vibrant Cambie Village area of Vancouver, BC. We offer direct billing whenever possible to allow our clients a seamless health care experience. Our Mission is to promote lymphatic health. Our Vision is to live with care and kindness in everything that we do.

You can also visit our other clinic, Grandview Massage Therapy.

In regards to extended health coverage and direct billing, each therapist offers different options. Please see individual therapist bios for details.

Our Therapists

Jemma Kim Bradley

Jemma Kim Bradley

Massage Therapist
Certain things that have been a constant in my world; my love for animals, a natural disposition for helping people, my passion for travel and a life long, eternal thirst for music. I was curious how I could integrate as many of my passions into one compatible career and this is how I landed myself in school for Massage Therapy in Vancouver in 2005. Working as a BC Registered Massage Therapist provides me the opportunity to work with a variety of clientele, it connects both therapist and client, an important aspect of it’s healing power. I meet new clients weekly and sometimes daily, never experiencing the same day twice. I’ve worked in a variety of settings including: The Burn and Trauma Unit at VGH, staff at Surrey Memorial Hospital, survivors of life-threatening health conditions and senior citizens in home care facilities. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients presenting with sports injuries, desk-work related stresses, migraine and headache issues, and those in need of relaxation. Through the use of my education and my hands, I enjoy the personal interaction and designing a personalized treatment plan for each client. It’s an ideal alternative treatment providing clients relief from symptoms without medication, it heals physical, emotional and mental stresses. It makes people happy and I find this valuable and therapeutic service to be unquestionably rewarding. When someone comes to me for help, I’m truly honoured. I use my education and training to better people’s lives and knowing that I’ve had an impact on the health of others confirms my efforts are impacting individuals. At the end of my day, I can say I made a difference by easing somebody’s distress and to me that’s a privilege.
I offer direct billing with the following extended health providers: Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield and Telus Health
Paula Clark

Paula Clark

Registered Massage & MLD Therapist

Disciplines: Massage Therapy, RMT Manual Lymph Drainage, Pregnancy Massage

My passion for health started with my own pursuit for perfect health. Mixed with a love to serve and connect with people, I found myself on a path to become a Massage Therapist. The human body is an interesting place to live in and it’s a pleasure helping people navigate it a bit better. In 2011, I obtained my 2,200 hour Massage Therapist diploma. I’ve worked and traveled with our National/Olympic Speed Skaters and largely focus on therapeutic and Lymph drainage massage. I’m trained in a variety of modalities including Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy, Graston and Cupping and fascial release.

I’m a self-proclaimed dabbler. In my spare time I love exploring the culinary world, reading, spending time in the mountains, circus, climbing, stumbling through ballet and practicing Hyggeto the fullest.

Methods of payment: cash, e-transfer, MC, Visa and American Express and debit (only tap).  I also direct bill Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Sun life, Great-west Life, Green Shield, Cowan, Maximum Benefit, Desjardins, Johnson, Ai Financial Group, SSQ, Johnston Group and Chambers of Commerce

Try to arrive 5 minutes early as your appointment starts at the time booked. If you’re a new client, please have your forms filled out online prior to your treatment.

Please allow 24 hours for cancellation to avoid any late fees.

If you’re having issues booking a time online, please feel free to contact me at paulacclark@hotmail.com

I look forward to meeting you…

I offer direct billing with the following extended health providers:
Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Sun life, Great-west Life, Green Shield, Cowan, Maximum Benefit, Desjardins, Johnson, Ai Financial Group, SSQ, Johnston Group and Chambers of Commerce.

Denise Drisdelle

Denise Drisdelle

BA, RMT, Certified in Manual Lymph Drainage and CDT

Disciplines: RMT Manual Lymph Drainage, Massage Therapy

I grew up in New Brunswick and graduated from St. Thomas University in 1995 with a BA (Honours in Psychology and a Major in French). After graduation I moved to British Columbia to pursue a career in mental health.  I worked in the field of Community Living at Spectrum Society for 12 years and I am currently a Board Member.  I worked directly with folks with disabilities. Over the years they taught me communication skills, patience, gratitude and an appreciation for the small things in life. While working at Spectrum I became interested in  alternative healing practices, and I took some Health Science courses at UBC.  Within this program I learned about Acupuncture and I was fascinated with this healing modality. I enrolled in the program, thoroughly enjoyed my first year of training, but was introduced to a form of Chinese Massage and discovered a new passion. At this point, I decided to switch to Massage Therapy and completed the program in 2005. My favourite course in the RMT program was Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). I was fascinated with the technique and all the conditions it was useful for when other modalities could not treat them. For example sun burns, wounds, same day sprains and strains, concussions and acne to name a few. Following my graduation I enrolled in the advanced MLD with the Dr. Vodder School. Soon after I was approached by InspireHealth, an integrative cancer centre run by medical doctors.  Since 2008 I have been working as an associate practitioner and do staff education and monthly presentations to the members on how to manage Lymphedema. In 2008 I started as an assistant teacher with the Dr. Vodder School and in 2012 I became a Certified Teacher at the Basic level. My patients have taught me to live life to the fullest, to appreciate every day and to live in the moment. I am so grateful to have a career where I continue to learn and grow.

Visa, MC, debit, cash or cheque accepted.

I offer direct billing with the following extended health providers: 
Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield, SunLife, CINUP, Chambers of Commerce, Cowan, Desjardins, First Canadian, Great west Life, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc, Johnston Group Inc, Manulife Financial, Maximum Benefit.

Kiara Hanemaayer

Kiara Hanemaayer

RMT, BSc. Kin, Vodder Certified MLD & CDT

Disciplines: RMT, BSc. Kin, Vodder Certified MLD & CDT

I’ve always had an interest in health. Upon graduating from high school, I went to University of Waterloo in Ontario, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Honours Kinesiology.

I moved out west and lived in Whistler for 4 years. Still wanting to be surrounded by healthcare, I worked at a physiotherapy and massage clinic, where I learned about both disciplines. I was interested in the unique approaches that each had, but I was really drawn to the one on one time between therapist and patient, that massage therapy provided.

I moved to Vancouver to pursue Massage Therapy and completed the full time program at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.  Taking an early interest in Lymphatic Massage, I completed the level 3 certification with Dr. Vodder’s school of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).

I think it is important to keep learning new information, and exploring new approaches to treatment and new treatment techniques (i.e., MLD, Ligamentous Articular Strain Technique, Pain Education).  Massage therapy is ever changing, and taking interest in the evolving information can provide a well-rounded approach to address a patient’s concerns.

I enjoy being a part of multidisciplinary approach to health and wellbeing, and aim to create a safe space in which someone can find their voice to state what they want and need.

I encourage an active approach to health and happiness, knowing that it is a life-long investment with an incredibly valuable return.

I offer direct billing with the following extended health providers: 
Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield and Telus Health

Miyuki Numata

Miyuki Numata

RMT, Certified in Manual Lymph Drainage and CDT, MSM

Disciplines: RMT Manual Lymph Drainage, Massage Therapy

I lived in Uganda, East Africa for 8.5 years managing community development programs by supporting impoverished communities to become self sufficient.  In 2004 I transferred to the Canadian office of the organization to provide oversight to community development programs in 10 countries. It was my passion to support the communities in those countries from their most vulnerable stage to their sustainability however I started to miss working closely with individuals and I knew I needed a change.
During my career as an international aid provider, I had always been interested in health care. When considering my options for a career change I felt massage therapy was the right choice as it aligned with my passion of supporting the recovery processes of people from the most vulnerable stages to one of full health.  I feel I am achieving this goal as a Registered Massage Therapist, especially with Manual Lymph Drainage technique which allows me to treat conditions such as lymphedema, pre/post surgery and acute injuries.

I offer Lymphatic massage treatments at following 3 locations:

Lymphatic and massage clinic of Vancouver
(#706, 550 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9)

Cedar Hills Lymphatic and Massage Clinic
(9474 126 St, Surrey, BC V3V 5C5)

Fridays: Grandview Massage Therapy
( 2730 Commercial Dr #303, Vancouver, BC V5N 5P4)

I accept cash, debit, credit cards and check.  Please note, a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling of appointments is necessary to avoid cancellation fees.

When I am not working, I love hiking/scrambling/snowshoeing on local mountains.

I offer direct billing with the following extended health providers: 
Pacific Blue Cross and Telus Health

Leslie Williams

Leslie Williams

RMT, Certified in Manual Lymph Drainage and CDT, Compression Garment Fitter

Disciplines: RMT, Certified in Manual Lymph Drainage and CDT, Compression Garment Fitter

After my children became teenagers, I decided to go back to school.  Time for a career change, so I chose Massage Therapy as I was interested in the health related field.  My studies at college introduced me to the modality of Manual Lymph Drainage. I felt a connection right away with this gentle, effective form of manual therapy.  From there I have become a compression garment fitter which compliments MLD in the treatment of Lymphedema.

Payment methods: cash, debit, credit, Extended Health.

I offer direct billing with the following extended health providers: 
Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield and Telus Health